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Did YOU clean YOUR country?

April 9, 2011

Today was the day when the whole country had to go out on this windy Saturday!

I prefered to leave the studying for a while, wake up early in morning and help “to clean the country for a day”..

The experience was shocking! Even though I have never left my garbage elsewhere except in the places where it should be, I was amazed how many trash a square meter could handle.

I won’t comment the statements like “I won’t clean in front of the neighbours’ block because they’re not cleaning!”. Furthermore, I won’t even tell you about the variety of the thrash which went trough my hands (which still feel dirty after 5 to 6 wash-ups). Yet, I must say that it is extremely impudently to throw your garbage over the window when there’s somebody standing down.. Especially when this someone is collecting everything you have been throwing away for like.. AGES!

Every problem has a solution.. so I hope that these people will collect the garbage in front of their door (it’s there now) or will notice it and smell it, rotting and stinking! Lets hope that next time they will throw their garbage where it should be thrown away because after all the thrash always ends up on your front door!

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