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Drinking coke (soda) summary:

April 3, 2011

Yes! Damn,yes! Totally agree!!! However, I believe that this happens only when we drink cola in a can! One is simply never enough and in the middle of the second one you’d get that feeling when you want to take it all out of your stomach. It is not the same as when you drink beer because you’d probably want to reach the bottom of the can/bottle (and yet, you’re never going to throw away beer).

However, I think that none of these facts are valid in the summer because when it’s hot, there is no drink that you would refuse to drink even though it might be your second or third can (except tea but actually a cup of hot tea is the best drink if you want to refresh yourself)! Feeling hot? Here’s another way to forget about the weather!

There are two things that I really want to ask you, so send me some comments! The first thing is – what’s your favourite commercial for Coca Cola/Pepsi but which one you prefer.. vote down in the poll! To take away the tension before you become part of the cola way, I’ll show you the  soft drink commercial that hasn’t left my brain for years and years now.. Enjoy!

PS. If you find the original commercial with the blond chick (used to play it back in Bulgaria), please let me know! I am pretty sure the add's idea was just the same! What I don't clearly remember is if it was Fanta's add!

PS. I am a straight Coca Cola person and I truly believe in my choice!!! Why? Because there is only one cola and it’s Coca Cola!

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