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A worm story..

March 28, 2011

For some reason I was sitting on a bench in the middle of the night. I was looking the grass right in front of me, where someone had just thrown down his fag-end.

I saw something “shiny” moving in the grass near the cigarette. I thought that it could be  some wet stick. But it wasn’t,it was a fat worm!!!

It went near the cigarette, rolled oved it and stood there until it stopped fumming. Then

the worm just “got off” the fag-end and started crawling with no idea what to do. After making a few circles,it just got its head up (as if it was looking at me!Creepy!!!) and got down in a hole for less than a second. The only thing I could see was its tail which shone like a piece of gold in the grass,under the light of the street lamp.

I wonder what did it thought when it stared into my eyes – maybe it was sick of all people or maybe it just got dizzy because of the cigarette which had no place in the grass.. Are we,the people, so intruding that now nature has to deal with all the harm we do? Is it neccessary for a worm to “smoke” or stub out a cigarette when we can take our thrash and put it in the garbage a feet away?! Well, this can be changed – start now!

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