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Who’s the “real” Misfit? Wait! What?

March 17, 2011

As a blogger, I’ve seen quite a lot of insanity on the Internet. Most of it, I’ve been trying to review for some reason. For example – the epic Topic Forum that I told you about quite a lot of time ago or the game with the rabbit, which gets a heart attack. But one of the most insane topics that I’ve discovered was about Who’s the ‘real’ Misfit? 

Wait! What? Who needs to decide who’s the real vocalist of the Misfits and what does “real” mean anyway? Who’d waste time on deviding songs and albums by periods and vocals (except Anthrax fans who are quite passionate about Joey Belladonna (BTW, GO BELLADONNA!) vs. Bush vs. Nelson. And I am not even going to mention the Black Sabbath case study)? To be honest, I don’t really care if there’s Danzing (can’t argue that they’ve got the best records with him) or Graves singing because they’re both great in what they do!

What I know is that Graves is really,really hot (even though Danzing isn’t any less hotter) and I have seen him.. What’s more – he has that amazing (sexual) voice! Honestly, I was extremely impressed by the way he sang all Ramones songs because let’s face it – no one can be compared to Joey or Dee Dee (quite a huge discussion here, too)! Yet, the tribute concert was just amazing and we should not forget that old Marky Ramone is still rocking the stage!

At the moment the vocalist of the Misfits is Jerry Only (yes, the bassist). He may certainly have the nice-looking-bass-quitar-awesomeness or whatever it is for a horror-punk bassists. However, he does NOT have the voice or anything to be the lead singer of the Misfits.. Or should I say “the real Misfit”?

Le true story!


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