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The best of.. MTV!

March 17, 2011

Lеt’s face it! We’ve all been trough “the MTV’s fever” in the ’90s!

Remember Spice Girls with their colourful looks? Well, they surely looked liked grown ups dressed up in children’s clothes and also they were totally different from the stars they are right now – glamorous! Well, the Spice Girls fever was like Hannah Montana’s (in 1 year time) – temporary and world-wide. Imagine for example Posh on the package of a lollipop! Well now it might look “EPIC” but once upon a time all of them it was okay because they were so girly and so intriguing with their pop-sound which was quite okay for a 6-12 year old child!

As I have already told you what I remember MTV for in the 90’s, there is the 2nd thing!

It’s okay if you hadn’t tried to immitate for example Emma Bunton (I love her so much for her cuteness and shiny blond hair!) ! I have never tried to look like one of the “spicy girls” (hopefully) but honestly.. is there any girl on that planet (let’s say from our generation)  who had never had a crush on one of Backstreet boys?! Well, they really looked kindda funky

.. in the 90’s!



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