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I’ve got something to say!

February 5, 2011

These days I feel extremelly tired. Sleep does not work.Doing nothing at school does not help.Hanging around with people makes me even more tired from the minute I come back at home.

Nothing happens!Absolutely nothing.

I am waiting for answers from the universities. I am wasting my fingers on the strings of the guitar but it seems I am wasting some precious time in which I am supposed to be studing.. studing hard for the matricular  exams.

Here is the problem: I have no desire to do that! I have no power to do that. Drinking 3 cups of coffee in the morning still doesn’t make me sit down to study. Even the weather is not appropriate for that. Look outside – the sun is shining like hell! What for? Should I waste the day hanging around with nothing to do while in the same time having plenty of work to be done? Should I sit in my dark room and start reading rules telling you: “YOU MUST DO THAT BECAUSE DOING OTHERWISE YOU WOULD BE WRONG!”

Well,today I am not doing what I should!I am changing the rules and I am going outside. I will study later. I am deaf for: “It’s not the time to do that and that instead ot this and this!”.I am blind for the things I have to read today. I just want to have a Saturday which will be satisfactive for me NOW not tomorrow or three months later.. and tonight I am not crying on Saturday night because this will be a day dedicated to the freedom I have as an eighteen years old person who is allowed to go out and have some fun –

today not tomorrow!

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