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September, 1923 equals..

January 23, 2011


Wikipedia about Geo Milev: “He was accused of taking part in the St Nedelya Church assaut.  His fate remained unknown, but later it was found out that after being sentenced to one year in prison and a financial punishment, he was taken for a “short interrogation” during which he was strangled the day after the verdict and then buried in a mass grave. His body was found when in the 1950s a mass grave with victims of 1925 was discovered during the construction of a dam. ТHis body was identified due to the glass eye he was wearing after he lost an eye in World War I. He used to hide the lost eye by wearing a special haircut.

Wordchaos. about Geo Milev: “GIVE RESPECT!” to one of the greatest Bulgarian authors! You may not like reading and writting essays on the poem “September” but you should at least try to (read some of his other works) give some respect not only to Geo Milev but to all of the people who have paid for our “golden future” with their lives!!!

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