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Sugar WORKS!

January 4, 2011

Yesterday I had  too hot soup and my tongue was burnt! Familiar, huh?  It’s terrible to lose odour and taste at the same time (my nose doesn’t work as it should – flu,you know) because it hurts even when you breath with your mouth opened.  So as a person who has lost the functions of her tongue for more than 24 hours, I looked for a solution of my problem!


Pour some sugar on your tongue and try to keep your tongue out of mouth (or at least not touching your lips or anything). Skip a brushing of your teeth and try not to burn your tongue! Now I feel okay!!! Amazing, isn’t it? It is not as if your tongue won’t hurt when you try to lick sandpaper but it is far more better.

For better results chew gums and listen to Def Leppard HERE!

PS.  The more saliva, the faster tongue recovery!!!

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